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A double portion of good mixed with hurt, shame and ugly has many twists and turns.            

This book is about a young girl’s near death experience that transformed her life and imagination to unfold; and used her creative talent to create change in the world. The book was written to invoke and influence your passion for change that impact people’s lives for the better good of all… for anyone who’s ever been disappointed, frustrated, or angry about anything. To encourage knowing that we are all over comers and no matter “what”; never ever give up on your dream life that GOD SOURCE OF THE UNIVERSE HAS FOR YOU. What qualifies me to write this book is having Proof that it happened and it’s never too late to do the right thing and tell the truth about it; and for that I’m happy to say that even though it didn’t turn out like I’d hoped …but never the less hope was still established by having this opportunity to write and share my story with those in the world that feel that it is always important to know where things come from!