Michael Jackson’s Tree Look-A-Like Movie

I created this video as a solute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson…the story behind this video happen totally by surprise…there was an incident and every time I get upset about something, or someone says or does something stupid to get me upset, in order to keep my anger in control I would get my piano or my guitar and take my anger or my frustrations out on my creative ability and discover, invent and develop new pieces of music, songs, poetry, fashion, etc….and with this video my anger’s influence was very strong, and I went inside myself and started to remember, and reflect on the promise I made to GOD for allowing me to see, walk, talk without people finishing my sentences and restoration of my memory so that I could live somewhat a normal life again…then I began to get calm down and look in the mirror and the song of Michael Jackson came to mind, “Man In The Mirror” and make a change; and at that moment I held my head up high, and that’s when I saw the man in the… not a real man but a figure of what looked like a man….I looked, and I stared really hard at the man like figure image in the TREE…the first thing I thought was that my mind was playing tricks on me…I looked away and turn back to look again and it was still there…I looked and stared more and more until the figure really started to look like it was looking back at me…Yelp, I was convinced that the man like figure image looked like Michael Jackson in the tree…then I began to laugh with disbelief just knowing that it must be my mind playing tricks on me.  And the wind blowing gave it movement that was really cool to watch; and at that moment I thought to take a video of it, but then it got too windy and it would just look like a wind blown tree… so I waited until the winds died down hoping that the man like figure image in the tree returned and it did.  So I began taking pictures of it because I knew that no one would believe me if I just told them about the man like image in the tree.   So in knowing the people that I know, I knew that they wouldn’t believe me if I didn’t have proof to support and back me up.  The pictures are all the proof that I needed to support my story and create this video for my entertainment that I am now sharing with you…as proof of what I saw and I got it and it’s really cool to watch and now it your turn to see it for yourself… The Love and mild sense of humor that he shared with us with great music and dance moves will last forever.  And I honor and admire him for creating the song that helped to change my life forever, “The Man In The Mirror” had a major Impact on my life…that song helped me to change fear into FEARLESSNESS, adding a lot of creative Blessing and laughter, overall better outlook on life, to laugh more and not be so angry; because anger destroys and breakdown Health and Well Being…so I decided to turn a negative into a positive towards myself, and to others who could use a little kindness that heals the soul’s brokenness.  In your honor, I salute you with my Michael Jackson Tree-Look-A-Like Movie; in honor of your creative sense of humor; Love You Michael Jackson…Always 🙂