Encourage Yourself

Clear, Smash, Release, Let Go, Move Forward,” Feel Better” Now!

Clear all guilt of not being good enough and start receiving Blessings now!  Know that it’s better to give to others, but give yourself permission to receive being Blessed also.  Clear, Smash, Release, “And Let GO All Negative Thoughts and Feelings around Having, and Receiving  Blessings; and transform these Energy fields into Positive “Feelings” for Having and Receiving all that is Worthy of Having and Receiving; more Love, Money etc.  Know that everything you need to accomplish great things GOD SOURCE has already placed on the inside of you, and there is no such thing as “I CAN’T”, there’s only I CAN”T THOUGHTS. There are four major power plays of Passion that’s importance to always remember in life, and they are so Powerful that they play Star Roles in “EVERY AREA OF LIFE”.  They don’t play, and “CAN’T” take a Joke; they can either make you a Success, or destroy you, they are one and only: ATITUDE, MIND SET, I CAN, AND I WON”T. Take care in all things and most of all “Be” Grateful for all that you’ve been Blessed to have and receive.  I AM, therefore “I FEEL BETTER NOW”! Because whenever you’re Happy and Grateful for the things you already have been Blessed with, GOD SOURCE OF THE UNIVERSE, will grants you even more Blessings of DIVINE LOVE Abundance; more than you could ever think or imagine; because it is our birth right.  But, there’s a price to pay and that is: You must choose, receive and accept being one of GOD SOURCE Earthly Angel LIGHT Worker’s; and share HIS LOVE and BE Abundantly Blessed without measure or sorrow.  And “BE” I AM Love, I AM Joy, I AM Protected, I AM Healed whole and complete, Blessed with the Power to get Wealth so that I can Have all that I Deserve.  I AM worthy of having and receiving NOW AND ALWAYS!  “I FEEL BETTER”! Clear all things that don’t serve your greater good; and people that are Blessing blockers that interfere with the growth and hope for living a prosperous life.  Negativity is a dark side of” DOUBT” & “WANT”; these are two very Powerful Blessing Blocker.  Beware and know that it’s not good; and negative people vibrate negative energy around you.  And they will only create Doubt in your Mind which is a negative approach to what you’d like to happen in your life; and that “IS” ill “Will” “Cause” effect what you’d like to happen not to happen. These are positive energy TAKERS that seize the opportunity to drain the life out of your hopes, dreams and well being; and it’s important to Clear, Smash, Release, And Let GO All Negative Thoughts, Feelings, and people of negative energies across all Now time dimension, space and reality.  “NOW FEEL BETTER”!  And Turn on the HIGH LEVEL energy for Blessings of Divine Health, Financial Prosperity, Joy, Peace, and all that is Worthy of Having and Receiving NOW!  And then ask GOD SOURCE OF THE UNIVERSE to take you to the maximum level of your greatest breakthrough.  Always Know and realize that the Mind only Creates, and if you’re not daily Fine Tuning your Mind Set with Strong Powerful thoughts of rich well BEINGNESS, know for certain that it “Will” BE Evident that the selfishness of a little mind “Will” always BE full of foolishness having the power to command and control you; and Negative thoughts are pit falls that stand in the way of major breakthroughs.

“FEEL BETTER NOW”!  So, now that you know the Truth about the Mind only Creates, and what it creates is totally up to you.  The “CHOICE” is yours to create new thought patterns of Good Feeling affirmation pathways that turn on High Levels of LOVE, Infinite Beingness Power, Perfect Abundant FAITH Energy to flow into your life because We are everything and nothing; Powerful Beings of Infinite invisible Energy, body and Spirit, Divine Energy that is everything NOW and Forever; and “everything we do in the body is limited”!  Say to yourself I AM, the embodiment of Infinite Being opulent energy, an amazing receiver of Divine Anointed Power; come now abundantly into my life; I accept, I AM open to it, I AM worthy of having and receiving being happy NOW…Energy, ON;  Now!  And with your heart felt petition of FAITH request with “THANKSGIVING”; and in advance THANKS to GOD SOURCE OF THE UNIVERSE for whatever you’d like to happen and give HIM permission to Bless you so much that you can have and receive the dream life you DESERVE; and for HIS ABUNDANT BLESSINGS OF LOVE that’s pouring INTO YOUR LIFE NOW!  AND SAY IT UNTIL YOU GET EVERYTHING YOU FEEL YOU DESERVE…  MARACULOUSLY, IRRESISTIBLY WITHOUT ANY DOUBT SPEAK IT FORTH IN FAITH NOW, AND BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS WHILE YOU WAIT WITH FAITH WORKS, AND ALLOW IT TO SHOW UP; SO EASY and effortless, into my now time dimension, space, and reality so abundantly that it makes you Laugh; BELIEVE, IN FAITH AND IT Will Unfold, Expand and flow success to you in the name of JESUS CHRIST I Declare and Decree It So!   BUT KNOW THAT FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD FAITH!  Say to GOD SOURCE OF THE UNIVERSE YOUR VIBRATIONS I live in, and I LOVE and Adore YOU so much for YOUR Faithfulness and Loyalty; and thank HIM for being the Master Server, and Manifestor of all GOOD things; and provider of all we will ever need in life; YOU have given me the quality of your DNA and for that reason I know and believe that I AM gifted to create, by Faith manifest and serve; and I will create like THE GOD SOURCE; and I Will do my Best to live like that.  I live in the Highest Infinite Self for having and receiving, I have Infinite Being Perfect Abundant Faith Energy of limitless healing anointing for Divine Health, Wealth, Riches, and Protection; inner and outer unlimited Beauty in the name of Jesus Christ It Is So.  “I FEEL BETTER NOW”!  And as a Light Worker this is what I Choose to Accept, and Believe HIS WAY for my way of life… I now realize that it is better to give and also receive for myself.  And it is true that whatever you think most is your dominant focus of direction; and your life will flow that way.  Brief testimony: sometimes when “I feel a little scattered I’d go to that secret place in my heart and just talk to THE LOVER ABOVE GOD SOURCE about things that distract me, that have nothing to do with all the unconditional LOVE that YOU show us; and I know that some of the things that I think about is just foolishness, and the only way I can get rid of these foolish thoughts I have is to constantly remind myself of your Promise; and how much you LOVE me, and how your purpose is to grow and prosper me and to add more life and Love to mankind; and for that YOU are worthy of ALL my Praise.”

Doing this is the only thing that keeps bullish thoughts under control most of the time; and when weakness come I Pray for more strength when falling short of what you expect of me.  And when this occurs I know that I’m not in True alignment harmony with GOD SOURCE LOVER ABOVE. And I know to Rise up and think right thoughts for this is Being in Alignment Harmony VIBRATIONALLY, Loving and Honoring the GREAT I AM in me, and Being fine-tune, and connected in the ultimate frequency of what (IS) LOVING Brilliance.  I know, and I Accept that I AM the incarnation of Divine Brilliance.  “I FEEL BETTER NOW”!  The Infinite Love that will propel me into I AM awakening; and into the Master WINNER that I AM, so that I can experience my greatest DIVINE potential.  Awakening is the shifting in my Awareness of knowing who I AM, and who’s I AM, and when I stop resisting life- life stops resisting me.  And this means to Love and accept myself and know that we are Infinite Beings of Divine Pulsating Energy Vibrations.  And I Now realize that as long as I’m beating myself up, and feeling guilty, and placing judgment, I cannot rise up into having and receiving more Love, Joy, Happiness, and all that is worthy of Having and Receiving in my life NOW!  I also realize some times I can, like so many others be habitual for getting in my own way, and getting in the way of GOD SOURCE from helping us to have and receive all that is deserved and worthy…  Sometimes we empower the Lies over the Truth.  I realize GOD SOURCE created us to have a Divine experience here on this beautiful planet earth; it is HIS gift and birth right to us.  Embracing this Infinite Divine Spirit Being that I AM; and, having the unlimited possibility that IS the Abundant flow of Brilliance that we really are; created from Pure LOVE and acceptance.  “I FEEL BETTER NOW”!  And this is the paradigm shift that allows us to experience life abundantly.  Put here as a True Divine Infinite Being to Conquer fear; and this is the ascension of being universally aligned with THE DIVINE LOVER ABOVE as HIS magni-solution agents of LIGHT WORKING LOVE.  Created as an Infinite Being of Divine Miracle working hands of THE LOVER ABOVE’S Brilliant extension of HIMSELF; it’s what we really are. WE are all Miracles created as Infinite pulsating energy Being vibrations wrapped in flesh given a bow of time dimension, space and reality. BELIEVE it, accept it, and allow ALL Negative energy to Melt; and float away; and by the power vested in you and me, and the over shadowing of the gentleness of GOD SOURCE HOLY SPIRIT OF LOVE Renounce, Clear / Smash, Release, And Let GO ALL Negative Energy, and Command it to leave mind and body right Now.  “I FEEL BETTER NOW”!  Say continuously, unconditionally, to your Higher Beingness Self; WEALTH, SUCCESS, I AM an amazing receiver of High levels Divine Health, and Healing Anointing Power, Riches, Peace, Joy and Happiness energy; that continue to UNFOLD, EXPAND AND FLOW, flow I SAY, into my awareness now.  I AM the embodiment of High Level energy flowing opulence.  And the only thing I must control is limitation; and I AM never depleted of the power to create financial wealth.  To Have the life of my dream is only a reflection of my conscious and subconscious mind; and by Faith this is the law of satisfaction; because Faith is the reward of what you cannot see, and the evidence which you are hoping for, and believing that you already have it; this is the universal law of feeling that you already have what you’d like to have.

“I FEEL BETTER NOW”!  The Mind creates, and the imaginings in the Mind sees pictures then store these pictures in the subconscious to incubate until they become fully dominate; so, when you say that you don’t have this thing or that thing that you’d like to have, you create a mental picture in your subconscious for not having that thing you’d like to have.  And it’s only what will be supplied in your now reality. Realize, if the thought of not having, influence your consciousness and you accept, and believed that you don’t have, then you will continue to not have that thing you’d like to have.  Your conscious will mirror your thoughts, and then you must create and rewire new ways of thinking to manifest everything you’d like to have unfold and flow into your Now Reality; and feeling satisfied that it is already here Now unconditionally.

”I FEEL BETTER”!  I AM A POWER GENERATOR, I AM ONE WITH SOURCE, and I AM one with my dream life!