Can’t Be Done! For The Sake Of Argument… Reality, Really?

  Get Away Before The Rain

I like to challenge myself, and for me it’s a fight to the finish.  I like it because this is when my doubt, and my Faith get into a big fight to challenge and conquer a thought; and for me this is the beginnings of a true Champion …Let’s just say that you have a passion for doing a particular thing, and your brain storms in ways that allow your imagination to unfold, and your eureka light send an alarming “I’ve got it” moment, and you share it with someone and they perhaps not meaning to, but shut it down by saying, “It can’t be done”…!  I’m sure you’ve had the “It can’t be done” experience, I know for me it’s quit “annoying”, but then again I kinda like it too, because that’s when my thump, thump the-dump shows up as the “Hero” that save the day! But there’s a process… I have to go out for a long or short drive, play some relaxing music, get around some terrific people with an appreciative sense of humor, and absorb as many good positive feelings that GOD SOURCE has Purposely set me up to enjoy.  And all that GOD SOURCE has for me I fully expect it, because it’s what my inner “NESS” HIGHER SELF BEING hero requires of me to do, expect, expect, I fully live in great expectation in order for the core of my creative juices to rush in like a high tide form velocity of deep waters current rushing me at high speed, rising , and building momentum in my Faith in Believing that I “WILL” FAITH IT Until GRACE and I make it so, therefore I Believe that all things are possible therefore I can succeed!  I AM strong because I believe that Mind Set, and the Power of Eventually are the two most power-fullest that are right hand to Attitude that I and you own!

Get Away Before The Rain 

If you Believe, just remember don’t STRESS, PUT ON YOUR SHADES AND RELAX, STRESS IS A KILLER, YOU GOT TO ENJOY LIFE REGARDLESS, there is a light at the end of the tunnel it’s going to BE OK!

Hello world!

There is a lot that I could say about myself…but, I won’t toot my own horn…what I AM, is a Miracle…my life’s story is amazing…I love people with amazing stories to tell…so amazing that if it had not been for their

GUARDING ANGEL(s) he, she or they would not be alive…perhaps one day I’ll share my story with you…but my main objective is to share…I really like to film others telling of their near death, and death experiences…and promoting local talent…

I enjoy listening to music, playing music and singing… I enjoy entertaining friends and family with poetry, Singing my own unique style of Rock-n-Roll Gospel….Painting, Sewing, Fashion Design,

Writing, and so much more…Y’know, some times life will throw you a curve and if you’re not prepared for it you can become over whelmed.

What I tell myself and others is to never give up on your hopes and dreams…

Remember that you only meet yourself…everyone that’s relative to your own personality, character, mirror reflection of how you see your self…I love encouraging others to BE the BEST!