Can’t Be Done! For The Sake Of Argument… Reality, Really?

  Get Away Before The Rain

I like to challenge myself, and for me it’s a fight to the finish.  I like it because this is when my doubt, and my Faith get into a big fight to challenge and conquer a thought; and for me this is the beginnings of a true Champion …Let’s just say that you have a passion for doing a particular thing, and your brain storms in ways that allow your imagination to unfold, and your eureka light send an alarming “I’ve got it” moment, and you share it with someone and they perhaps not meaning to, but shut it down by saying, “It can’t be done”…!  I’m sure you’ve had the “It can’t be done” experience, I know for me it’s quit “annoying”, but then again I kinda like it too, because that’s when my thump, thump the-dump shows up as the “Hero” that save the day! But there’s a process… I have to go out for a long or short drive, play some relaxing music, get around some terrific people with an appreciative sense of humor, and absorb as many good positive feelings that GOD SOURCE has Purposely set me up to enjoy.  And all that GOD SOURCE has for me I fully expect it, because it’s what my inner “NESS” HIGHER SELF BEING hero requires of me to do, expect, expect, I fully live in great expectation in order for the core of my creative juices to rush in like a high tide form velocity of deep waters current rushing me at high speed, rising , and building momentum in my Faith in Believing that I “WILL” FAITH IT Until GRACE and I make it so, therefore I Believe that all things are possible therefore I can succeed!  I AM strong because I believe that Mind Set, and the Power of Eventually are the two most power-fullest that are right hand to Attitude that I and you own!

Get Away Before The Rain 

If you Believe, just remember don’t STRESS, PUT ON YOUR SHADES AND RELAX, STRESS IS A KILLER, YOU GOT TO ENJOY LIFE REGARDLESS, there is a light at the end of the tunnel it’s going to BE OK!

I created this Video about my Cat Black.

My Cat Black has a favorite thing going with string, she loves it and I just thought I’d share what I created about her with you; she’s a silly funny 9 year old cat that really enjoys Family playtime and outings together.


The Idea that Changed Retail History: Author AnJolena North 12/22 by NancyGaskins | Business Podcasts

The Idea that Changed Retail History: Author AnJolena North 12/22 by NancyGaskins | Business Podcasts.

Nancy Gaskins, a phenomenal lady and I thank GOD for creating such a beautiful person, and I pray BLESSINGS upon her beyond her wildest dreams.  She has a big heart for helping Entrepreneurs have a platform to get exposure because she like the rest of us know, and believe that it’s the Entrepreneurial spirit that will put this great Country that we live in back on top economically.  We are all doors with an intended purpose put here by Divine design to progress; and make a difference in the world. And she is making her mark on the hearts of Authors and small business individuals.  She Interviewed me as a guest Author on her Radio Talk Show and I felt truly honored to be granted the opportunity.

My book is about a young girl’s near death experience that transformed her life and imagination to unfold; and used her creative talent to create change in the world. The book was written to invoke and influence your passion for change that impact people’s lives for the better good of all…a good read for anyone who’s ever been disappointed, frustrated, or angry about anything. To encourage knowing that we are all over comers no matter “what”; never ever give up on your dream life.  And it’s never too late to do the right thing and tell the truth about it. And for that I’m happy to say that even though my hope didn’t turn out like I’d hoped for …but never the less hope was still established by having this opportunity to write and share the story with those in the world that feel that it is always important to know where things come from!

The Idea That Changed Retail History is available:, Barns & Nobles, Authorhouse, and other retail bookstores outlets.

The Ultimate Stress Relief Library

The Ultimate Stress Relief Library
Learn to block out stress and live a positive and happy life with these great tips!

Everyone deals with stress on a daily basis. From the moment we wake up in the morning, to the moment we fall asleep, there are stressful situations all around us: morning traffic, annoying co-workers, overload at work, family problems, rebellious children, bank statements, deflating checking accounts, and on and on.

With the shape the economy is in, there seems to be added stress to almost everyone’s lives these days and in many areas…But  it is very important to remember that stress can kill you !!

Why worry about things, people, or even situations that you can not control ! It causes us to make bad choices in our eating, and drinking; creating disorders of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

According to medical research STRESS is the #1 killer; and it is the ultimate surprise and has every thing to do with the way we think, eat, drink, and live;  and, it is the leading CAUSE of Strokes, Heart Attacks…There’s nothing more important than your good health…There are many ways to get in control of it in the :
Stress Relief Library 

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would just figure out a way to block out all stress from our lives? Can you imagine a picture perfect day where the muscles in your shoulders weren’t tight and sore…where you didn’t constantly feel a headache building up at the outskirts of your skull.   Well, with proper training you can learn not to sweat the small stuff and keep it moving on a good thought…because it is all in our power to control how we feel, and how we feel has every thing to do with how we think!

It is to the better of our good health that we don’t let the things  that annoy us get in the way of our better judgement, when it is in our control to learn to not get irritated by every little thing that doesn’t please us; our lives would be so much easier.  Peace of Mind is something we can do through simple techniques that we can learn to do for ourselves.

So, if you are sick and tired of being stressed out about every single thing on a daily basis, you should check out some of the products on this page:  

While they won’t reveal a magic switch that will make all stress instantly disappear, they WILL teach you some very valuable and basic principles that ANYONE can learn how to use.

If you’re ready for LESS STRESS in your life, check out these products today!

Hello world!

There is a lot that I could say about myself…but, I won’t toot my own horn…what I AM, is a Miracle…my life’s story is amazing…I love people with amazing stories to tell…so amazing that if it had not been for their

GUARDING ANGEL(s) he, she or they would not be alive…perhaps one day I’ll share my story with you…but my main objective is to share…I really like to film others telling of their near death, and death experiences…and promoting local talent…

I enjoy listening to music, playing music and singing… I enjoy entertaining friends and family with poetry, Singing my own unique style of Rock-n-Roll Gospel….Painting, Sewing, Fashion Design,

Writing, and so much more…Y’know, some times life will throw you a curve and if you’re not prepared for it you can become over whelmed.

What I tell myself and others is to never give up on your hopes and dreams…

Remember that you only meet yourself…everyone that’s relative to your own personality, character, mirror reflection of how you see your self…I love encouraging others to BE the BEST!