Gone but not forgotten



To my Amazing Mother’s Day tribute to my Cover Girl Mother; Mrs. Juanita Grant article on page 25. All the stories about Amazing Mothers were wonderful lessons learned.  And I share in the Amazing Women Of Power Magazine an article on page 25 about some of my Mother’s Golden Rules for Living Life To The Fullest.  She’s gone but she’ll never be forgotten.  I don’t believe that I would have made the accomplishments I have without her encouragement and  believing in me, and encouraging me to use hope and have Faith in it and to believe in myself.  And one quote I remember in particular that she would say is that: “Our house was a home that’s filled with HOPE, and these weren’t her words but the words she’d repeat that my Big Mom use to say, but nevertheless they were words of wisdom and it really didn’t matter where they came from but her point was to help us to understand that using HOPE gives life to the Spirit of Imagination, Creativeness, and Invention; and Un-used Hope is a set up for lack, unhappiness, sorrow leading down a path of self destructive behavior!”


My R&R Rolls

It is hard for me to get bored now that YOUTUBE has taught me how to create simple videos…and for that I am Grateful to them for teaching me something new… I enjoy learning new thing and this video R&R My Rolls Royce Movie was really fun to do, to be honest they all were fun to make.  I enjoy keeping my mind focused on fun things to do to share my fun entertainment with you; that way I stay out of trouble.  Every since I got my memory back enough to function on my own, and raise my daughter well enough to say and feel that I am good enough I became unstoppable, and I went from being in fear of what seemed like everything that involved people, and of not being good enough to being fearless…  Very soon I will have my own Internet Radio Show and I’m going to need guest to interview; and I will be in search of experts who are Authors, Best Seller Book Authors, Millionaires, Billionaires, Celebrities, if you have a Video that went viral… come and allow me to open the door for you; share your story with the world I promise you that we will have a fun time and I wont make a mess eating air in your face….It’ll be fun! Smile!!! I see you!!!

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So until next time take…Peace and Love! -LLOL=Living Life Out Loud!!!XOX 🙂