The Idea that Changed Retail History: Author AnJolena North 12/22 by NancyGaskins | Business Podcasts

The Idea that Changed Retail History: Author AnJolena North 12/22 by NancyGaskins | Business Podcasts.

Nancy Gaskins, a phenomenal lady and I thank GOD for creating such a beautiful person, and I pray BLESSINGS upon her beyond her wildest dreams.  She has a big heart for helping Entrepreneurs have a platform to get exposure because she like the rest of us know, and believe that it’s the Entrepreneurial spirit that will put this great Country that we live in back on top economically.  We are all doors with an intended purpose put here by Divine design to progress; and make a difference in the world. And she is making her mark on the hearts of Authors and small business individuals.  She Interviewed me as a guest Author on her Radio Talk Show and I felt truly honored to be granted the opportunity.

My book is about a young girl’s near death experience that transformed her life and imagination to unfold; and used her creative talent to create change in the world. The book was written to invoke and influence your passion for change that impact people’s lives for the better good of all…a good read for anyone who’s ever been disappointed, frustrated, or angry about anything. To encourage knowing that we are all over comers no matter “what”; never ever give up on your dream life.  And it’s never too late to do the right thing and tell the truth about it. And for that I’m happy to say that even though my hope didn’t turn out like I’d hoped for …but never the less hope was still established by having this opportunity to write and share the story with those in the world that feel that it is always important to know where things come from!

The Idea That Changed Retail History is available:, Barns & Nobles, Authorhouse, and other retail bookstores outlets.

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About me, I AM a Miracle, a survivor of Anaphylaxis life's story is amazing...and I'd like to share with you in my new book called: The Idea That Changed Retail History by AnJolena North; available at bookstore just enter AnJolena North; also available at Barns & Nobles, and Author House bookstore and other retail book outlets. I thank GOD SOURCE FOR HIS MIGHTY HAND OF FAVOR on my life, and for giving me a second chance ...I enjoy listening to music, playing music and singing... I enjoy entertaining friends and family, reciting poetry, singing my own unique style of Rock-n-Roll Gospel....Painting; Sewing, Fashion Design, Writing, and so much more... sometimes life will throw a curve and if we're not prepared for it-it can overwhelm. It's true that setting goals is like stepping stones to follow that leads to an organized Action Plan to get, and make happen what is a deserved and hoped for reality… in my opinion I like to set goals, but I really enjoy the fun in making plans and follow through by doing until the plan is completed. It is very important that we live healthy lives... Remember that bad eating and drinking stress the body, and bad/wrong thinking stress the Mind....And according to study STRESS is the #1 killer of Mind, Body and Spirit, it is the ultimate surprise and has everything to do with the way we live; according to lifestyle and bad habits; and, it is the leading CAUSE of Strokes, Heart Attacks, and the Silent Death...There's nothing more important than your good health...There are many ways to defeat this ugly BEAST: Key factors for long Gevity: Love, Laughter, Choose to “BE” Happy Regardless, only allow Healthy Relationships that Complement each other, Healthy Eating and Drinking Habits, and only Receive that which is Worthy of Having and Deserving all that is Good in life. My ideas have helped others make a difference in the world and generate $$$Millions of dollars, and to date combine $$$Billions have been generated, and I will do it again….and the next $$$Billion dollar idea will “BE”??? Industry to be shared with integrity: a company or wealthy Entrepreneur here in the United States…Who will “BE” next to benefit from my ideas that will make rich or richer, and take their capital gain to the next level income bracket? Now! I enjoy making a difference in the world, making life better is who I AM, and what I do!

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  1. Anjolena North is a exceptional, talented and inspirational author. Her book THE IDEA THAT CHANGED RETAIL HISTORY; Anjolena North is an inspiration to all who read the book. I am excited to be the screenwriter to this book to screen project. We are planning to have a script done soon that will inspire people not to let any negativity in their life be their only reality. A person is the master over their own existence, and they can create a positive and inspirational life that will influence others in this world, and not to give up. This story is a true story about a woman who invented a fantastic retail idea, and she fought to receive the credit that was due her for her amazing retail invention and concept. She overcame the evil and setbacks that tried to stop her from succeeding in her life, and her creative work. AnJolena’s book and story shows that faith in GOD helps us fight evil on all levels. This book will be an outstanding film, and we are very excited that it is heading towards the big screen and TV. Kathy Krantz Stewart – Good Book Films and StewArt Productions – on IMDb

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